Here are the profiles of the advisors of InnoHub.

Yasuko Akutsu

Aging 2.0 Tokyo chapter Ambossoder | Website

Profile After Graduated frommaster's course of Graduate school of s of environment Studies in Tsukuba university. After Graduate School I joined GK industrial Design Institute, engaged in design research of product and urban development master plan. I started MT Healthcare Design Research 2012, MT Healthcare Design Research inc, is company specialized in a health care design, product design , system design, ux design, business design. 2017 I became the Aging2.0Tokyo Chapter Ambassador and

Message Japan finds itself in the position of a developed coutry facing serious challenge as supper-aging society. Countries around the world are focusing on how Japan is stnding face to face with supper-aging society. For start-ups I would like them to think that the solution of Japan's challenges can adopt to solution of all over the world. One of the goals of Aging Japan is to contribute to the development of the next generation of human resources that will lead to the solution of global issues while collaborating with overseas.

Yuuri Ueda

HIMSS & Health 2.0 Country Director, Japan

Qualification Medical Doctor
Profile Yuuri Ueda is a MD in plastic surgery and homecare medicine who runs an elderly homecare clinic, YU Ageo homecare clinic which covers around 100 elderly patients with dementia and chronic diseases. As well as continuing her practice, she also serves as HIMSS & Health 2.0 Country Director, Japan to organize a global cutting-edge healthtech conference, HIMSS & Health 2.0 Japan to establish a healthy ecosystem in healthtech industry. She sees big gap between the real practice and what technology enables, and to conquer the gap, her life work is to support healthcare business development.

Message Japanese healthcare market is searching innovative solutions to prepare for Silver Tsunami. InnoHub shall support your company to enter Japanese market, let's revolutionize Healthcare together!

Hiroaki Kato

Digital Hollywood University Graduate School Digital Health Laboratory, Visiting Professor | Website

Qualification Doctor
Profile He specializes in digital health such as telemedicine and medical AI, and corporate finance. As an ophthalmologist, he has performed more than 1500 operations, developed cataract surgery instruments and ophthalmologic telemedicine services. He was dispatched to the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare to engage in lawmaking and policy planning. He co-founded Aillis, an AI medical device development venture. He is also a visiting associate professor at Chiba University, a clinical associate professor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and a part-time lecturer at Tohoku University and Yokohama City University. He also serves as a Medical Innovation Support Office (MEDISO) advisor, a J-Startup nomination committee member, a director of the Japan Medical Venture Association, and an outside director of a listed company. His representative book is "Medicine 4.0" (Nikkei BP).

Message I specialize in digital health. I receive over 100 business development consultations every year from seed / early startups and large companies. Also, recently I am often consulted on startup funding. I manage the healthcare business community and study sessions. I can also provide links between medical startups and networks with large companies.

Ryosuke Kimura

Founder & General Partner, Lifetime Ventures | Website

Profile Ryosuke Kimura is Genral Partner and Founder of Lifetime Ventures. Previously, he was at Incubate Fund as Associate for 4 years and supported 40 portfolio companies including ispace, Gatebox, Misoca, bellFace, iCare and so on. Before joining Incubate Fund, he was Consultant of PwC Advisory and KPMG Healthcare Japan and engaged in strategic consulting and financial advisory for public infrastructure and healthcare indusyries.

Message I'd like to do my best for the future of digital health in Japan through connecting between startup/enterepreneur and enterprize, between healthcare and technology industries, and between digital native young people and established senior people.

Masashi Kiyomine

Kicker Ventures, LLC CEO

Profile Masashi is the founder & CEO of Kicker Ventures, LLC and has been active early stage venture investor in the healthcare space since 2004. Previously, Masashi was Global Life Sciences team leader and Investment Director at Mitsui Global Investment where he began his career investing in medical device start ups, and later broadened his focus to include digital health and healthcare services.

Message My expertise is in providing empathetic but honest advice to early stage ditial health and medical device start-up companies based on my own venture investment experience in the global arena. Happy to talk to anyoe who see advice, guidance or just bounce ideas!

Hajime Shirasaka

SHIRASAKA & PATENTPARTNERS Inc. FOUNDER, Patent Attorney/ AI Samurai Inc. CEO | Website

Profile Graduated from School of Science and Engineering of Self Defense Academy in 2001; completed Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences of Yokohama National University in 2003; worked for Fujifilm Corporation for 8 years for researches of image processing through machine learning; then, held positions as presidents of affiliated companies of a big data analysis enterprise listed US NASDAQ; founded GoldIP Inc. (currently AI Samurai Inc.) in 2015; patent attorney; committee member of National examination ""Intellectual Property Management Skills Test“; currently attending Doctoral Program of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Message Following my experience at the Intellectual Property Department at Fujifilm, I was the director of the patent office, supporting many startup applications and IP strategy support. Also, from 2015 to today, as a start-up, I have experienced system development and financing. From expert knowledge and start-up experience, there are many things that can be useful such as objective advice on intellectual property, practical advice, and sharing experiences on grants and funding.

Yoichi Shirono

Infocom Corporation, Digital Health Connect, Innovation Accelerator | Website

Profile Conducted business planning and development of information communication and technology business in Japan, US, and Asia for about 12 years in Nissho Iwai (now Sojitz), one of the giant trading company. Co-founded venture capital "Entrepia" in the United States in 1999 and assumed the position of Vice President, and in 2002 became Representative Director of "Entrepia Japan". Appointed as CEO and Presidentof "Business Search Technology" in 2006, and developed as one of the top companies for search system providers. Began considering new business creation programs in healthcare IT in September 2014, and and launched the healthcare innovation program “Digital Health Connect”. Incumbent from February 2016 and concurrently from Infocom America Inc. President & CEO since March 2016.

Message I can share with you my experience of launching new businesses at large enterprise, Venture Capital, and Startups. Recently, we are active in investing in Startups in Asia to launch new businesses in digital health business field, so I hope to introduce our network through the recent activities.

Akihiko Soyama

President & CEO, LINK-J | Website

Profile Aki has been President and CEO of LINK-J since its foundation in 2016. Earlier in his career, he served as Deputy Director at METI (GOJ), project manager at Boston Consulting Group in Tokyo, Vice President/General Manager at Johnson and Johnson Japan, President at Biotronik Japan and President at Haemonetics Japan. Aki holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BS (Physics) from University of Tokyo. Aki also serves as a lecturer at University of Tokyo and a life science related committee member of MHLW (GOJ), a local government, etc..

Message To be prepared

Kiyotaka Tajima

Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, Growing Enterprise, Senior Manager | Website

Qualification CPA(JAPAN)
Profile I am in charge of planning and managing seminars for healthcare ventures at EYShinNihon. I conduct IPO audits for a number of healthcare startups. I am a member of EYShinNihon's Medical Equipment Sector Knowledge and Care and Healthcare PT meetings.

Message I am good at advice on problem extraction and scheduling for IPO of Japanese healthcare startups.

Yumiko Nishimura

August Networks, Inc. President

Profile Currently working as a business producer. The previous job is the Associate Director of "comparative Healthcare Policy Research Project" at APARC at Stanford University (1991-2004). after researching/teaching at Japanese universities, relocated to USA in 1990. Located in Silicon valley.

Message Busienss Producer specialized for international Business development.

Satoshi Fukushima

Globis Capital Partners, Director | Website

Profile Joined GLOBIS Capital Partners in April 2014. Investing into health-care related start-ups such as Medley, KAKEHASHI, justInCase, Yoriso, etc. Prior to GLOBIS, worked for Deutsche Securities Inc. and handled TMT related M&A advisory and financing transactions. BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo.

Message Having a wide network and investment/hands-on experience in health-care (digital-health, aging population, insurance) related start-ups. Expertise in Finance, VC/CVC operation, Open Innovation, Management.

Hitoshi Fujiwara

Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, Growing Enterprise, Senior Partner | Website

Profile In addition to conducting accounting audits of listed companies, I also provide support to startups and with IPOs. I have numerous experiences with helping mainly family-run companies to make IPOs, engages in networking with other sectors, and organizes and runs seminars as part of my focus on identifying and assisting startups. The primary recipients of my startup/IPO support are firms in the fields of healthcare, food, clothing, and shelter, and agriculture. Major committee memberships: Japan Medical Venture Association (Director); Japan Health Care Vision Contest 2017-2019, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Judge); Survey and Research Project Concerning the Promotion of the Adoption of Public-Insurance-Ineligible Services for the Establishment of Regional Comprehensive Care Systems 2018 & 2019, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Project Member) Main writings: "Treasury Stock Capital Strategies", "Q&A on Operations and Accounting in the Food Service Industry" (both in Japanese)

Message My strengths are offering advice to healthcare startups on the establishment of capital policies, management structures, etc. and providing IPO support, which involves identifying issues and suggesting improvements ahead of IPOs.

Reika Matsuda

JIC Venture Growth Investments/Partner | Website

Profile I focus investment on medical/healthcare and AI/big data/SaaS fields. I have experienced carve-out investment, fund investment, and the creation of value by incorporating design thinking. I joined VGI in 2020 after working INCJ as a venture capitalist. Before that I worked for planning marketing strategy and launching overseas business at Walt Disney Japan after working for a consultant at Accenture. I received master's degree in science from Osaka university. Registered dietitian.

Message JIC Venture Growth Investments("JIC-VGI") not only invests in healthcare start-up companies, but also promotes cooperation among startups, major companies and administrative agencies which leverages each strength. In order to build a long-lived, healthy society, we aim to create a healthcare ecosystem from Japan in collaboration with start-ups and major companies developing innovative business.

Minoru Moriya

Moriya Minoru Office Co., Ltd.

Profile He joined MISUMI Co.,Ltd. (now MISUMI Group Inc.) in 1992 and engaged in business development. In 2002, he established M-OUT INC. with Mr. Taguchi who is the founder of MISUMI Co.,LTD.. In the company, he supported development of businesses and sell-offs. He established Moriya Minoru Office in 2010, where he engaged in many projects as an expert of businesses development. Then, he participated in the launch of RAKSL INC. and Carepro, Inc., where he served as a vice presdent. In his career, he has served as a board director in companies as follows: HAKUHODO Inc., SoundFun Inc., Boutiques, Inc., SEEDATA, AuB, Inc., Innovations and Future Creation Inc., Mimir, Inc., Truss Inc., Japan Cloud Capital,inc., TechFeed Inc., CADDi Inc., JAXA, CELM Inc., Future Venture Capital Co.,Ltd., Nihon Agri, Inc., and JR East Start UP Co., Ltd. He also has the experience as a member of panel of experts for the cabinet office and an advisor for Shandong province of China. In 2018, he successfully lead Boutiques, Inc. and RAKSUL INC. to be listed. He published his book in May, 2019.

Message I have experiences on business development in my career, especially in the field of medical care and healthcare. I expect to support your business with my experiences. I look forward to meeting with you!

Miyako Yoshizawa

Coral Capital, Senior Associate | Website

Profile Miyako is a Senior Associate at Coral Capital. She sources seed stage startups across a wide range of industries, with a particular focus on healthcare. She joined 500 Startup Japan in it’s early days and has invested CAPS, KURASERU, Sumutas and BluAge. Prior venture capital, Miyako founded HealthTech News, a media outlet covering how pioneering technologies are impacting the healthcare industry. The site was acquired by M Stage in 2016. She graduated from Keio University, where she studied nursing and medical policy.

Message I support healthcare startups across a wide range areas including the Japanese healthcare system, clinical practice, and overall business strategy. My focus is on seed (from idea stage to product-market fit), while advising on the long term fundraising strategy.