Group overview

Healthcare Innovation Hub (InnoHub) is a new one-stop support centre for startups related to the field of healthcare and life-science.
It takes a long time and huge expenses for research and development in the field of healthcare and life-science. Therefore, it is important to develop an enviroment where startups etc can receive appropriate supports from funds and private companies such as funding. With this background, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) open a new one-stop support centre named "Healthcare Innovation Hub (InnoHub)".
We provide networking opportunities by introducing InnoHub advisers and supporting groups to startups as needed. In addition, we provide the related information to startups, InnoHub advisors, and InnoHub supporters by collaboration with other healthcare events. By setting up and utilizing InnoHub, we aim to build a startup ecosystem for the field of healthcare and life-science.

Consultation flow

  1. If you wish to apply for consultation by InnoHub, please inform the InnoHub team via e-mail.

    If you wish to apply for consultation by InnoHub, please inform the InnoHub team via e-mail.

    send e-mail
  2. Discuss the details of the consultation online or by phone

    One or two people from the InnoHub office will be assigned as "Consultation Staff" to discuss the details of your consultation online or by phone.

  3. offers a variety of support services

    InnoHub offers a variety of support services
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    What we do

Our Credo

These Credo guides what we do

  • Align to develop healthcare industry
    • Consultors,/Advisors/ Supporting Organizations / InnoHub stand on the same footing with enthusiasm.
  • Consulter/ Supporting organizations is the star
    • Advisors / Supporting Organizations / InnoHub alway act for consulters considering the needs to proceed their business, not as critics .
  • Be intimate with each other possessing dignity and enthusiasm
    • Intimate relationship is the key to develop business.
    • We act Innohub, Advisors, supporting organizations, and consulters can make intimate relationship.
  • Act speedily
    • We act speedily so that Consultors/Advisors/ Supporting Organizations can spend limited time meaningfully.
  • Connect technical inquiry to appropriate experts
    • We connect technical inquiry to appropriate experts which needs expertise of intellectual property, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, etc.

Consultation example

We are developing a service for hospitals. We are meeting with several VCs and other organizations to raise funds, but we feel that we do not have a clear understanding of the perspective from which VCs view our business and decide to invest. I would like to deepen my understanding in order to expand my business .
Our support
InnoHub set up an interview with an advisor belonging to a VC to find out from what perspective investors make decisions on whether to invest and how much to invest. They received feedback on our business from this perspective.
We developed an application for prevention of serious diseases of chronic illness. It can be linked to wearable devices to obtain precise data.
We would like to confirm the possibility of collaboration for future business expansion, especially in the insurance field. In addition to the insurance field, we would like to hold discussions with local governments and other interested organizations to discuss expand our business furthermore
Our support
InnoHub contacted particular life insurance companies to discuss the possibility, and at the same time, publicize their inquiry to all support organizations. Discussions were held with life insurance companies and organizations that responded to their request, and with one or two of these companies, they were able to move forward with discussions for specific cooperation.
We are searching for public subsidies that can be used for prototype development for future medical device development. We would like to know if there is a wide range of subsidies that we can use at our stage.
Our support
InnoHub provided them with the information on public applications that we have.
What we want to know before consultation

Tell us these points

  • Detail of your business
  • Inquiry for consultation
    (want to meet potential partners, get advice from experts, meet investors, know Japanese regulations and laws, obtain general information about medical/healthcare circumstance in Japan, etc)


Is there a charge for consultation service?
Consulting service is free of charge.
Can we alway make discussion with advisors / supporting organizations?
Advisors / supporting organizations accept your offer when they judged your offer is likely to contribute to their business, so your offer may be declined occasionally.
Innohub will match up so that both of you and Advisors / supporting organizations can develop own business.
Can we request for a certain Advisors to discuss?
If you have a request, tell us on the meeting. We will ask Advisors whether you can make appointment or not.
Who will be informed my inquiry?
If you want to reach all of the supporting organizations, your inquiry will be informed to all of the supporting organizations. If you want to reach particular organizations, your inquiry will be informed to particular organizations.

Secretariat information

The Japan Research Institute, Limited.
Kawafune, Sekiya, Takahashi, Tagawa
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