Healthcare Innovation Hub

Healthcare Innovation Hub (InnoHub) is a new one-stop support centre for startups related to the field of healthcare and life-science.

We will support startups and other entities utilizing our wide networks. Depending on the needs from startups and other entities, we provide the information on supporters for startups("InnoHub Advisor"), companies which supports startups in the same field ("Supporting organizations"), and public organizations including ministeries, which contributes to business development and expansion.

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What is InnoHub?

It takes a long time and huge expenses for research and development in the field of healthcare and life-science. Therefore, it is important to develop an enviroment where startups etc can receive appropriate supports from funds and private companies such as funding. With this background, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) open a new one-stop support centre named "Healthcare Innovation Hub (InnoHub)".

The aim of InnoHub

We provide networking opportunities by introducing InnoHub advisers and supporting groups to startups as needed. In addition, we provide the related information to startups, InnoHub advisors, and InnoHub supporters by collaboration with other healthcare events. By setting up and utilizing InnoHub, we aim to build a startup ecosystem for the field of healthcare and life-science.

Consultation which InnoHub provides

We provide a support for a wide range of issues related to the businesses in the field of healthcare and life sciences, such as funding, securing human resources, business promotion and expansion, and overseas development etc. We provide our services not only for startups but also for small and medium enterprises and large companies as well as individuals who are developping a business but before establishment.

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